The International Academy for High Reliability Organizing or, simply, the ‘HRO Academy’ .

The main activity of the International HRO Academy is to help organizations in the development and implementation of High Reliability Organizing (HRO) in the workplace. She does so by offering courses, trainings and workshops in the field of HRO for all levels in the organization to both employees in the workplace and to top management.

In everything we offer, everyday practice is central: HRO, after all, is about alertness and working in the here and now.

In addition to offering the above activities the HRO Academy also focuses on the development of new ways of organizing and learning within organizations. Thus, we are currently working on the completion of a Web-based Action Learning program (GRAZP) linked to an interactive database in the field of HRO (GRIDD).

Research into the relationship between HRO and other important methodologies, such as Lean, for example, forms a third area in which the HRO Academy is active.

A final activity is the organization of network meetings and conferences where people engaged with HRO in daily practice can meet and exchange information.

Under the menu “Offers” you will find a detailed description of our activities.

Welcome and good luck with your steps towards High Reliability!