Activities we offer


Activities we offer

The HRO Academy Netherlands offers the following main activities:

– Giving workshops, training and education

– Organizing network meetings and conferences

– Helping develop tools and practices in the field of HRO

These activities reinforce each other, as a result of which we jointly develop our knowledge constantly. We consider such a development to be one of the main underlying principles of HRO. An organization that deals with HRO is never finished. HRO is a continuously ongoing process.

We will also find that In our activities. Employees receive training and / or education around HRO. They set to work with this in their own organizations . They develop new HRO practices suitable for their own organizations and sectors. In the network meetings and conferences these practices are shared with others again. Part of these new practices and tools will be implemented in the training and education and will thus be handed to new trainees. In this way we create a continuous development.

In-company supply and supply through open tender

The HRO Academy offers her activities both in-company as through open tender. An in-company supply is always customized. A workshop, training or education, at whatever level, is adapted to the sector in which your organization operates. Although many basic principles of HRO are universal, we find it very important that exercises, skills and knowledge are suitable for your company or easy to translate to fit your demands. An exercise for a healthcare organization will therefore have a different content than an exercise for the petrochemical industry. Cultures within sectors can be very different, too. In our trainings we will do justice to these differences.