Workshop HRO-academy

Workshop HRO-academy

HRO Introduction workshop 

Would you like to get acquainted with the ideas of HRO or have your colleagues get acquainted with them, because you yourself are already excited? Then the introduction workshop HRO is a good start.

This workshop will introduce you to the basic principles of HRO. Using concrete examples, you will discover what HRO can do for your organization. In half a day the main principles behind HRO will be presented. During (or, if necessary, before) the introductory workshop  a quick scan is held, with  which you can assess the HRO level of your organization. This is followed by an advice for your specific organization as to which steps to take next.

The workshop will give you new insights that will allow you to get started in practice immediately.

This workshop is offered  both in-company and through open enrollment

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