Network Development

Network Development

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Network development is a major activity of the HRO Academy Netherlands. Networks offer people the opportunity to share information, to discuss subjects and issues they encounter with regard to HRO and to gain new knowledge and skills.

The HRO Academy undertakes the following activities aimed at Network Development:

HRO Development Meetings

HRO Development Meetings are organized by sector.  If possible, they are organized at the company of one of the participants. The program of an HRO Development Meeting varies, but basically features  as follows:

1. Presentation and tour company

2. Brief introduction to HRO theme

3. Discussion topics related to the organization

4. Discussion and debate on questions and issues of participants.

The meetings are organized outside rush hours.

It is intended that participants can become a member of the HRO Development Meetings within their sector.

HRO Development Meetings will be organized for the following sectors:

– Transport

– Process Industry

– Care and welfare

– Justice

– Housing / Housing cooperatives

The annual conference HRO Netherlands

The HRO Academy organizes an annual conference for anyone who is working and / or interested in HRO. Besides a number of keynote speakers, workshops and seminars are given by experts in the field of HRO and / or related fields.

Date and location will be announced on the agenda.

ProHRO network

The HRO Academy has strong relationships with the founders and organizers of the European ProHRO Network. The ProHRO Network was founded in 2012 and consists of professionals engaged in HRO Europe. Each year the network organizes a European HRO conference. The first conference was in The Hague in 2012. The Second European Conference will take place in Aix-en-Provence, France in November 2013. Representatives from the various HRO Academies participate in the organization of conferences. The HRO Academy Netherlands is represented in the network by dr. Bert Slagmolen.

LinkedIn Groups

There are several LinkedIn groups active in the field of HRO:

High Reliability Organising
High Reliability Organizations
proHRO netwerk NL
proHRO network Europe

We invite you to join!