Conditions for HRO


Conditions for HRO

To apply the rules and characteristics in practice is not easy and obvious. It is necessary that you practice with each other, but you also have to work on the foundations of mutual cooperation. We call that the conditions for the realization of an HRO organization. The most important are:

Having an informed culture. How do you ensure that managers and employees (of their own accord) keep each other informed of issues relevant to the performance of the organization?

Having common references. How can you encourage everyone to keep talking to each other about the question ‘What do we want to achieve together?’,, even beyond the boundaries of the organization

Ensuring redundancy. How can those involved constantly be aware that many roads lead to Rome and the way they can make use of this?

Relationships are central. How do we ensure that relationships between employees and departments / parties are a common focus and that anonymity and detachment are seen as a potential threat?

By working on these characteristics and conditions concretely and collectively, organizations achieve higher performance. That seems simple, but it is not. In practice, organizations quickly fall back into old routines, old ideas and old behaviors.