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Who are we?


The HRO Academy Netherlands was founded by Apollo 13 consultation, and partner of the International Academy HRO *). Based on many years of experience with the implementation of High Reliability Organizing, we developed the HRO academy ‘s current list of things we present. In this development we have worked closely with other trainers and experts in the field of HRO.


The Academy only deploys experienced trainers who have had much experience with the introduction and implementation of HRO in practice.

* The HRO International Academy is an international group HRO academies (in formation) with offices in countries including the United States, South Africa, France and Germany. These academies are based on the same ideas and maintain close contact with prof. Karl Weick and prof. Kathleen Sutcliffe of the University of Michigan, who have been researching HRO’-s for two decades now. The national academies will exchange knowledge and experience with each other through annual conferences. The National Academies will also organize annual HRO conferences in their own countries.